Heiss_Portfolio-Heiss-296Asian Dancer. LondonAsian Dancer. London. Gary Heiss
DSCF0756Solange Salguro. Soho. LondonSolange Salguro. Soho. London. Heiss 2014. Street portraits IRDED_23669-2Surfer. Seven Sisters.Surfer. Seven Sisters. Heiss-076Tony Thompson. PlymouthTony Thompson. Plymouth _GAH5149Street portrait. the Mall, LondonUrban style, Fashion in the city. The Mall. London. Winter 2015 _DSF1950-Edit_DSF1950-Edit SMP-JM-150SMP-JM-150See Me Photography © 2011 Tony Thompson, Plymouth.Tony Thompson, Plymouth.Tony Thompson, Plymouth. _DSF5476retouched 6bwTiziana_CosteTiziana_Coste _GAH4435-Edit_GAH4435-Edit   Kirsty SurfingKirsty SurfingSee Me Photography 2012 Street Street _GAH2156-EditHeiss_GAH2156-EditHeiss _DSF1183-2-EditHeiss_DSF1183-2-EditNatasha Heiss

The photographs on this page have been taken largely over the past 5 years as my 'creative eye' re-awakened. How many decades have I been sleepwalking? I am frightened to acknowledge the time that's been lost. I always thought of myself as portrait photographer 'way back when'. People were my fascination as an artist and also as a photographer. The 'landscape of the face' was (and is) captivating to me. I worked hard to stretch my creative and technical abilities (a process that evolves to this day). I like to think it's possible to reveal something in the relationship of sitter and photographer, at the moment of execution of the image. Anything further..?? I'm not sure thats possible with photography. The great inspirations (Bill Brandt, William Klein, Penn, Avedon, White and many more) leave an enduring impression every time I attempt to make a portrait. I do look at digital photography as a shortcut to laziness and am thankful, after a difficult transition from film, that I work with 'digital negatives' these days and print in my 'digital darkroom' alongside roll film and a Hasselblad once again!