'All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream'  Edgar Allan Poe.

I've always wondered how to best describe the reasons I found photography such a compelling method of self expression. Part of it's appeal, I'm sure, is in it's very restrictions. There is a freedom born of the very limitations of the frame, of the mechanics of the medium. Visual octaves.

For me, photography is a leap of faith, essential, undeniable.

Moments of clarity. Moments of connection. The fog of the everyday that swirls and confuses until a light beam catches, something is revealed and a shutter is released.

Enjoy if you can. I did in making them. 


1987 LCP Graduate Show London.

1987: The Landscape - English Heritage - London

2012 Arbor - The Landscape of the Mind - Sprout Arts, London

2013 -The Edge of The Word - Sprout Arts London

2015 Landscapes - Sprout Arts London

2019 Photo London Group Show - London

2019 South East Centre of Photography, San Francisco-USA - Abstract Group show

2020 Photo London Group Show (forthcoming)



British Journal of Photography Yearbook 1987

Amateur Photographer Magazine 1987

Amateur Photographer Magazine 1989

Black & White Photography Magazine - I Pass Like Night article 2012






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Portrait of me by The Luminary James Heffernan