Heiss_Zen_DSF3993Heiss_Zen_DSF3993 Heiss_Zen_DSF3995Heiss_Zen_DSF3995 Heiss_Zen_DSF3946-2Heiss_Zen_DSF3946-2 Heiss_Zen_DSF3976Heiss_Zen_DSF3976 Heiss_Zen_DSF3986Heiss_Zen_DSF3986 Heiss_Zen_DSF3999-2Heiss_Zen_DSF3999-2 Heiss_Zen_DSF3951-2Heiss_Zen_DSF3951-2 My father died in Austria in 2014. My sister and I visited him twice in the final few weeks of his life as he was cared for by his third wife. We knew that this was the last visit. His final weeks were not easy for him but he remained stoical. I never saw my father cry, ever. I knew little about him in reality and he died first, before my mother which meant the bridges to understand him as a person would never be crossed.